Ground-Fault Protection for People

The GFCI function, as an element of a circuit breaker, provides ground-fault security for individuals and has now a true quantity of unique marking and instruction demands.

Test function –The GFCI has a test function that needs action upon installation as well as on a month-to-month foundation. GFCI circuit breakers will need to have a test switch or switch that really must be labeled in a place available without getting rid of trims or covers so that you can facilitate month-to-month evaluating.

“Class A”–A that is marking“Class ground-fault unit is supposed to safeguard people. The Class A marking suggests that the trip limit regarding the GFCI is between 4 mA and 6 mA. This marking might be in every location except the rear.

Directions GFCI that is–All circuit must add guidelines for the installer plus guidelines from the utilization of the test function. A hangtag or self-adhesive label must additionally be supplied, instructing an individual to evaluate the GFCI at the very least month-to-month. Inspectors should check always to observe that the label or label happens to be precisely set up.

Ground-Fault Protection for Equipment

Circuit breakers might also come with a ground-fault protection for equipment (GFPE) work that, like GFCIs, has a wide range of unique marking and instruction needs.

Test function –GFPE circuit breakers might have a test switch or button that could be labeled in a place available without getting rid of trims or covers so that you can facilitate evaluating.

Trip level –GFPE circuit breakers must certanly be marked using their trip limit in milliamperes in a spot available without eliminating trims or covers.

Instructions –All GFPE circuit breakers must add directions for the installer.

Circuit breakers may include arc-fault protection also (AFCI) that, like GFCIs, also offers a quantity of unique marking and instruction needs.

Unit identification–AFCIs must also appropriately be identified. Branch/feeder or blend kind AFCIs must certanly be therefore marked in a place visible once the trims or covers are eliminated. This can be a marking that is important note even as we transfer to 2008, asNEC-2005 requires fusion AFCIs in rooms effective January 1, 2008 (NEC 210.12).

Test function –AFCI circuit breakers need a test switch or button that really must be labeled in a spot available without getting rid of trims or covers to be able to facilitate evaluation.

Guidelines –All AFCI circuit breakers must consist of directions for the installer.

Circuit Breaker Markings Ensure A safe Electrical Installation

Photo 4. Special marking

So just why are typical of those markings on circuit breakers? It would be nearly impossible to install or inspect an installation for the appropriate performance ratings and fundamental electrical connections without them. When designing or doing an installation, key what to review are:

1. Will be the voltage, continuous present, and interrupting ratings appropriate for the application form?

2. Does the program require SWD or HID reviews?

3. May be the cable kind and size suitable for the circuit breaker?

4. wooplus phone number May be the circuit breaker suited to the apparatus by which it really is set up? Have actually other protective functions such as GFCI or AFCI been provided as needed by the NEC?

5. May be the heat rating for the circuit breaker ideal for the applying?

The UL Marking Guide for Molded Case Circuit Breakers is really a valuable resource to comprehend circuit breaker markings that will further explain these along with other markings in more detail. When you yourself have questions about CB markings perhaps not answered right here, consult the Marking Guide or the maker to aid within an NEC-compliant installation.

Ed Larsen

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